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Chairman Message

Established in 1996, Paramita started making a big difference to school education by empowering students to own and drive learning which is deeply engaging, highly meaningful, closely relevant to life and of course, holistic not just by design but also by practices. Twenty-eight years of journey, no doubt, is an epoch-making one as our group of schools have successfully provided every child a very rich childhood, free and dynamic environment to explore and innovate, question and debate, collaborate and contribute in a multi-developmentally appropriate ecosystem. Being home to innovations, key initiatives and research-based approaches, Paramita has opened the floodgates of Inquiry and Creative expression. Our Perspectives have always met with actions. 

With signature programs like PBL (Project Based Learning), IDL (Interdisciplinary Learning), in-house developed CV(Conversation) classes, Paramita TED Club, Learning to Read and Reading to learn, Paramita Group, Paramita World School and Explorica have been offering World class education. Our foundation is rock solid, Systems & Processes are in sync with our values & Philosophy. Our mentors and school leaders are highly dedicated to the cause of happy schooling. All Stakeholder Inclusion in ‘Vision’ and ‘Mission’ and above all to be able to be adaptive to changes and add value to what we are doing.

                     Our alumni being outstanding and Successful in their careers grabbing plum positions in National and International platforms always remind us of preparing coming generations to suit the evolving demands of life and industry.

                   Our perennial desire and passion to provide meaningful education in a free and democratic school environment shall continue on a mission mode…. together we can add value to the Nation through education.

Come let’s join and celebrate learning.

Dr. Enuganti Prasad Rao


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