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Each classroom is a vibrant and engaging space to explore the world of knowledge. colorful bulletin boards displaying the student’s artwork and educational posters, With modern technology and smart digital boards, classrooms provide a platform for interactive learning, enabling teachers to deliver captivating lessons that captivate every student’s imagination.

Games & Sports

The school playground is a hub of energy and excitement, where students embark on thrilling adventures and make lasting memories. Towering trees offer a refreshing shade, creating a natural oasis where students can connect with nature. The playground’s design promotes physical fitness, with well-maintained equipment that encourages active play and healthy lifestyles.


Swimming is a shimmering oasis of health, fitness, and fun. Swimming pool at PWS,with its sparkling blue waters and meticulously maintained facilities, offers a refreshing escape from the everyday routine. The pool area is a place where students not only learn essential water safety skills but also cultivate a love for swimming and physical activity. Expert instructors guide students through lessons, helping them build confidence and proficiency in the water.

Other Facilities


The science lab is a captivating realm of discovery and innovation that helps the students in exploration and hands-on learning.The lab’s safety protocols and attentive instructors ensure that students can boldly experiment and push the boundaries of their knowledge, preparing them for a future where scientific breakthroughs await.

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