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Today’s learners are very inquisitive, innovative in their thinking, creative in their approach and responsive to the demands of the “Change”. True school education has undergone and is still undergoing transformation, making the winds of “change” apparently visible. In any sound educational system and practice it is the learner around whom and for whom a healthy structure and process is created. Alma maters, parents, faculty and Educational bodies constantly endeavour to offer a right climate to the learner to express, explore, analyze, apply and evaluate to be globally competitive and yet humane. The educational exercise and experience should necessarily facilitate the learner to ‘figure out’ multi-dimensionally and shape them into intelligent, healthy, loving, and value infused humans.


Today’s education and schools should address the core issues of competition and collaboration, knowledge and wisdom, materialism and spirituality, and national ethos and global benchmarking. Societies, parents and schools concentrating on marks and Grades to the oblivion of “Skill development” and child actualization will only be pushing the “Learners” to doom. It is in this background Paramita pioneeringly captained the flagship and has created pockets of excellence.

The perfect blend of academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities have contributed to well rounded personality of the children. Unique approach of bringing the children to creative stage of learning, professionalizing the faculty and leaders, parent teachers sessions, inaugurating 21st century learning centre for IIT and Medical Foundation, exclusive Paramita Little Genius with excellent modern play park are some of the highlights of this year.

Every activity, be it assembly, clubs, House competitions, music and Fine arts conceived, designed and undertaken has brought about a visible transformation in the children. The massive unprecedented showcasing of talents in Explorica, celebration of events and festivals involving Paramita parents, Cookery, Bouquet Making, Rangoli and Paramita Little Genius Graduation Day have been some of the hall marks of 2012-2013.

I am delighted to share with every one that we are embarking on a three year plan to convert Paramita and IRIS into premier institution of Excellence in the country. Today Paramita stands tall with value based approach and the credit for its success goes to enthusiastic and enterprising children, dedicated service of every member of the family, well-wishers, officials and most importantly Paramita Parent community.

We pledge to rededicate ourselves to the cause of happy and meaningful schooling and endeavour to convert Paramita into a “GREAT SCHOOL”


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