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Paramita has library with vast collection of books in science, maths, English, Social, General Knowledge, Mythology, Epics, encyclopedia’s and many more. Children are advised to visit the library and refer to books

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Paramita has state of the art science, English, Math labs & a dedicated Sanskrit lab which is the first of its kind in Telangana region. We believe & practice in dedicated lab work because it provides us an important review parameter on what has been learnt by students and conforms to the educational practice of learning by doing. Labs are upgraded frequently to keep in tune with the latest practices.

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Paramita has students from different parts of Karimnagar corporation. To help transport the day scholars, the schools ply buses on a day-today basis. The buses are roadworthy. Drivers with long years of experience are alone permitted to transport children keeping their safety as our main priority. This facility is extended on request and at a reasonable fare.

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All the three schools have wide area of grounds for the children to play and exert some physical activity. They play games like kabaddi, kho-kho and also practice events like longjump, throwball, volleyball, shotput. We also have an athletic track for the children.


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